Viral Kindness


A hub for the community care groups

#ViralKindness is a hub for the community care groups and was inspired by groups who sprang up organically across the world. Its aim is to support people in need or in self-isolation during the coronavirus crisis.

The purposes of the #ViralKindness Community is to provide:

  1. Hub. A community hub where people can find or set up a support group in their area to offer or receive help.
  2. Speed. Things are changing rapidly, and we need to be working together to look after people. This is a space to form groups and find help across the country.
  3. Resources. Find useful resources on how you can help, frontline and government services and useful tips.
  4. Connection. The coming weeks will be tough and full of uncertainty. But we’re in this together, and we’ll get through by pulling together.

The #ViralKindness website is set up and supported by GetUp

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