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Helping out of work Australians

A new website page has been created to give struggling Australians finding themselves out of work due to the outbreak of COVID-19 a place where they can look for new opportunities.

The COVID-19 outbreak is responsible for a very volatile job market and many Australians are finding themselves without a job.

While many businesses have been adversely affected and are having to reduce their workforce, there are business sectors which suddenly have an increase in demand for workers. This includes jobs in health and care sectors, transport and logistics, some areas of retail, mining and mining services, manufacturing, agriculture and government sectors, among others.

The government has created this site to help those that are struggling to find a job as well as help businesses to advertise vacancies.

Assistance for Employers

If you are hiring, particularly scaling up your workforce quickly, email the workforce contact centre who can connect you quickly with the support you need to get your workforce on board.

Updates and Information

This content on this site will be regularly updated to reflect changes and as new information becomes available.

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