Local Business Boosts Employment and Hand Sanitiser Supplies in the Community’s Darkest Hour

At a time when employment and essential supplies of hand sanitiser are dropping drastically nationwide, The Hunter’s own Sirron Group has developed a two-prong solution to help the community in a time of dire need.


Zexa Hand Sanitiser

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Sirron Group has made drastic changes to adapt to the changing retail climate amid the developing COVID 19 Pandemic, with a new, quality hand sanitiser product developed and available with just a one-week turnaround.

“Our new product, Sure Shield Hand Sanitiser, is shipping around the country now.” Sirron Managing Director Greg Gates explained.

“To adapt to the changing situation, we have developed a fresh focus on our chemical manufacturing division, Zexa Chemicals, to get this product out in the community as quickly as possible.”

Zexa’s new Sure Shield Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol-free liquid hand sanitiser that kills germs fast and remains active for longer on skin than alcohol gels. The product is now available and can be ordered online here, with a 2-3 day shipping time.

“This move has provided continuity of employment as well as a new source of revenue.” Mr Gates continued.

“Not just to households but to major sites that have been severely hampered in their normal operations due to lack of supply of the regular product.”

Mr Gates explained the change in business model had not been inspired by revenue, rather the desire to help the Hunter Region and broader Australian community.

“We were used to a transaction size of about $8,000, through our Norris Commercial glass & dishwashing machine manufacturing division – we have replaced that with a $50 bottle of hand sanitiser in a bid to aid the community and boost employment.

“Three Sunday nights ago I couldn’t sleep, thinking about the impact of COVID 19 in other countries,” he said.

It was evident that the same was inevitable for Australia, and Mr Gates was determined to take decisive action to do what he could to help his community.

Now in the second week of production, the product is helping not only the Hunter region, but the wider Australian community.

“So far we are ahead of our production target.” Mr Gates said. “We have amazing people who are working hard, I am privileged to work with such wonderful people.

“I have been overwhelmed with messages of support from both people I know, and those I don’t, thanking us for our response. It’s nice to help.”

For more information or to order Zexa’s Sure Shield Hand Sanitiser, visit https://zexa.com.au/product/sure-shield-hand-sanitiser-5l/

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