• Online Teaching: How Student Interaction Has Changed Education

    Published: April 17, 2020

    The onset of COVID-19 has forced a significant shift in how we go about our daily life; impacting our work, recreation and our education system. The evitable transition to working and studying online has now become the norm with one sector, in particular, requiring rapid change—Australia’s education system. While the majority of Australia’s public and…

  • The McCullough Robertson COVID-19 Guide: recommendations and considerations for you and your business

    Published: April 10, 2020

    McCullough Robertson has prepared a fortnightly guide to navigating the implications of COVID-19, including key recommendations and considerations. It includes practical support regarding the impacts of the pandemic, and what this might mean legally for you and your business. This comprehensive guide covers topics across all areas of law, including employment relations and safety, restructuring…

  • Can business insurance protect your SME against Coronavirus?

    Published: April 8, 2020

    The following article has been provided by OnDeck the Small Business Loan Specialist The small business sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak as lockdowns, social distancing, and consumer concerns about the future keep customers away. Does the solution lie with your business insurance? Let’s look at some key issues. Could your business…

  • The importance of understanding your business credit health during COVID-19

    Published: April 8, 2020

    The following article has been provided by OnDeck the Small Business Loan Specialist It’s fair to say that 2020 has already thrown several challenges at small businesses across Australia. Many are still recovering from the impact of the bush fires and now we’re facing a new set of challenges as the global pandemic and economic…

  • How retailers can make the most of COVID-19 downtime

    Published: April 8, 2020

    The following article has been provided by OnDeck the Small Business Loan Specialist No one needs to be reminded of the horrendous impact COVID-19 is having on our economy. Across the country, retailers are closing shop as rolling shutdowns and growing safety concerns mount. While there’s no denying this period is likely going to be…

  • Local Business Boosts Employment and Hand Sanitiser Supplies in the Community’s Darkest Hour

    Published: April 6, 2020

    At a time when employment and essential supplies of hand sanitiser are dropping drastically nationwide, The Hunter’s own Sirron Group has developed a two-prong solution to help the community in a time of dire need.   [The following is content is provided by Sally of Sirron Holdings] Sirron Group has made drastic changes to adapt…

  • JobKeeper Stimulus Package Announcement

    Published: March 31, 2020

    The big news from yesterday, is the new JobKeeper stimulus package announced by Scott Morrison. The details are still being fleshed out, we’ll be reviewing and adding the details to our website as they become clearer. See below for a quick summary of what we know now.   What is the payment worth? The payment…

  • What Business Assistance Can You Get From the 4 Major Banks?

    Published: March 31, 2020

    We know times are tough for many businesses right now, and that maintaining cash flow may be difficult as the coronavirus continues to affect the economy.   [The following is content provided by Tony Haworth of AAP Finance Brokers] Small and medium-sized business customers may be eligible for a fast-tracked application on an unsecured loan…

  • Find a Stimulus Package to Support You

    Published: March 25, 2020

    It has been a very challenging and sobering past week or 2 for many Australians. I run and manage a Digital Agency based just north of Sydney on the Central Coast, with clients all around the country and overseas and I’ve had countless conversations with clients whose businesses have been devastated by the impact the…

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